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Tired of that morning cough?

You're tired of that morning cough and the high price of cigarettes. You want to try  e-cigarettes. What would your first step be?

At Stinky Canuck, we recommend coming into our store at 255 Glen Miller Rd. Unit 15, Trenton Ontario or chatting with us on our Facebook page 

We can show you how to get started.

We recommend you purchase a starter kit and we will show you how to work and charge the devices in a safe manner. E-liquid and it's nicotine content are the ‘key’ to your success. Flavour is a personal preference and we have all different kinds that you can try from candies and fruits to tobacco flavours. The strength of the nicotine in the e-liquids is what keeps your nicotine cravings at bay. If you are smoking over 2 packages of cigarettes a day, we would recommend a higher level of nicotine than if you are only smoking a half a package of cigarettes a day. The process is incredibly simple and we can show you how to get started.  

If you are looking to finally break your cigarette addiction, contact us and we will help. We are also always here to answer any questions that you may have and we look forward to speaking with you.

Stinky Canuck

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