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Have your say Ontario!

What's Happening with Bill 45

On March 10th, 2016 the Ontario Government came out with a proposal that continues to stifle our ability to vape. The new changes proposed suggests the following; To restrict the use of vaporizers any where tobacco use is prohibited. That means you will not be able to vape in shops that sell vaporizers and liquid and you will no longer be able to test the e liquid while in store. There is a potential that products and accessories would have to be hidden. You may need to select the product without truly knowing you like it or how to turn it on. 

The new proposal also suggests creating rules on how vaping products are displayed. We need to ensure that the new proposed changes allows the continued proper display of products for customer education. 

There is also a possibility that you will no longer be able to use online shopping to buy products. This will restrict access to some of your favourite e liquid brands and vaporizer products. 

The Ontario Government is currently looking for public feedback on this proposal. If Vaping has helped you or a family member/friend reduce or quit tobacco, it is imperative that you implore the Ontario Government that they should legislate smart legislation (as done in other regions within Canada; see Calgary, AB [4]) that exempts Vendors from the proposed changes. This exemption is crucial to the continued success of the electronic cigarette industry in Ontario. We need as many voices as possible, so that the Ontario Government continues to support rather than hinder attempts to use vaping as a tool to quit or reduce tobacco use. This why is it important to have your say.

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