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An open letter to our community members

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September 10, 2019

Dear Community members,

Since our inception back in 2011, Stinky Canuck has been helping people in Trenton, Napanee, Picton & across Canada become and stay smoke-free with the help of vapour products. We are extremely proud of this and we will continue to provide you with the service you have come to expect!

The Royal College of Physicians in the UK did a study in August of 2015 that proves vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.  Public Health England accepted that study & stands behind e-cigarettes fully. They have encouraged vape shops to open inside hospitals.  Click here for more information.

It has come to our attention that many ill-informed people are encouraging vapers to stop vaping and if need be, switch back to smoking. Comments that companies like ours sell unregulated, dangerous products and that smoking is by far the safer of the two options for nicotine delivery is not only dangerous but is fueled by a lack of information. It is vital that everyone be as informed as possible given the climate these past few weeks in mainstream media.

In Canada, retailers and manufacturers are required to abide by the TVPA, which was enacted on May 23, 2018, to regulate the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of tobacco products and vaping products sold in Canada. We are inspected by Federal Tobacco Officers to ensure that we are in compliance of these regulations.

In Ontario, as a specialty vape store, we have another layer of regulations called The Smoke Free Ontario Act, which includes restrictions on where and how we can advertise, vaping inside of our stores and age restrictions on who can enter our stores. We always ID anyone that looks under the age of 30. Anyone under the age of 19, even when accompanied by an adult, is not permitted inside the store. We have never supported the use or sale of e-cigarettes to minors or anyone that has never smoked.

The recent deaths and reporting of lung issues in the USA has been linked to individuals using black market THC cartridges. Here is the most recent link to the FDA update.

All of the eliquid found on our shelves, have been manufactured in ISO labs. Many of them have GMP accreditation. These same companies are also regulated under the TVPA. Our Stinky Canuck e-liquids are made in our own lab in Trenton using only USP ingredients and FEMA/GRAS flavourings.  We use industry-leading quality management software so that every batch of e-liquid we produce, and every bottle that we sell has traceability for each raw material used in their production.  We are currently in the process of obtaining our ISO certification, and will continue to work with industry trade associations and the government to ensure our compliance, and provide you with the highest quality products available.

We opened our doors to help adults stop smoking. We will not allow selective reporting of facts to distract from our vision; to live in a world free of Tobacco-related illnesses and deaths.

Our doors are always open to anyone that has questions.  Please feel free to call, email or visit us.

If you want more information about vaping, we highly recommend a visit to, which was created by a health professional in Alberta. Here you will find plenty of studies and information that may help you learn a little bit more.

Yesterday 100 people died from Tobacco related illnesses in Canada. Today another 100 will die and the day after that and the day after that. Please do not encourage someone to go back to smoking. We know nothing is better than the fresh air, but vaping is a harm reduction tool that has helped many Canadians live a smoke free life.


Your friends at Stinky Canuck

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