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Ontario Bill 174

By the looks of Bill 174, Wynne's Ontario liberal government is hell bent on eliminating vaping as best they can. Here are the points of the bill broken down:

Having had a chance to review the new legislation proposal in full here are the changes and how we will be affected;

1. No sale or supply to anyone under 19 years of age. *Already Law*

2. No display.  No person can touch, hold, view, smell or taste products before purchase.

3. No promotion. So no contests,

No freebies, no sampling.

No advertising. No facebook.

No Instagram.

No t-shirts, no swag.

No signs posted for promotion. Except pricing signs provided signs are not visible outside the store. Documents providing information about products are allowed if they meet specific conditions and adhere to the bill.

4. No promotion in any way in a place of entertainment. A place of entertainment means a place devoted to eating, drinking or any form of amusement. 

5. No sales in prohibited places like school's or hospitals.

6. No signs in retail stores.

7. All products must be packaged in accordance with regulations or sale is prohibited.

8. No flavoured products. No exceptions are listed in the regulations.


9. No sale of products from vending machines.

10. No vaping in enclosed public places. Possible exemption for vape shops. Space must have proper ventilation and signs must be posted saying vaping occurs. No assistance can be provided by employees, so still no testing and product vaped must already be purchased.

11. No vaping in vehicles with people 16 and under.

12. Gives enforcement officers more rights than that of the rcmp; power to enter anywhere except a private dwelling, power to question anyone entering, search anyone or anything, seize or copy any information.

It's imperative now more than ever to get involved!! It's time to contact your MPP and let them know how this bill will affect you! Please also go over to Vapor Advocates of Ontario and Vapour Advocates of Canada to see how you can get involved! 

If you need any help locating your MPP or drafting letters, please call or come into Stinky Canuck and we can help!



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