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Moving into fall...



As we move into fall, our tastes sometimes change with the cooler weather and Stinky Canuck has decided to recommend some flavours that will warm you up and provide you with Fall inspired flavours.

Everyone loves a warm cup of coffee on a patio of a coffee shop and we have all kinds of coffee inspired flavours to accompany that perfect cup of Joe. Sweet Bean Buzz is a perfectly prepared dark roast with a hint of cream and honey and is perfect with that cup of coffee in your hand.

Whip It is our rendition of a cappuccino expertly prepared with a hint of creamy base like you’d find in a coffee shop.

Stinky’s Custard is a light custard base with hints of cream and a smooth vanilla and is perfect for a long walk on a cool Fall day.

Chocolate Mint Marvel is like a warm cup of hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint for a refreshing addition to your fall line-up of E-liquids.

Beaver Drops is another fall favourite with its crispy pastry base and a buttery cinnamon filling that is the perfect dessert type of vape to go with the falling leaves.

The Trent Severn Line has lots of flavours that are fall inspired as well and there is something inside this line for everyone.

Finally, our store has wonderful tobacco-inspired flavours with rich and deep notes for all you tobacco connoisseurs out there. If there are some flavours that you are interested in and want some more information or more recommendations, send us a pm on facebook or contact us through the website.

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