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What about vaping?

Anyone who’s ever tried an e-cig already knows the myriad of ways this technology is superior to cigarettes. Most people start off with disposables and most progress to a more refined approach as time goes on. Gone are the days ingesting a staggering number of harsh chemicals into your body each time you go for a smoke.  Lucky for us the future has arrived!

We present some of the benefits of vaping.  

Mileage and opinions vary.

  • A life without cigarettes and cigarette smoke
  • Customize your vaping experience
  • Experiment with different flavors
  • Be more productive in your everyday life
  • Save money
  • Spend more time with loved ones
  • No smelly car/clothes
  • No fire
  • No smoke
  • No ash
  • No lighters
  • No ashtrays
  • No burns or holes
  • No smell
  • No tar
  • None of the other 4000 toxins found in tobacco cigarettes

If you are looking at making the switch to e-cigarettes as a tobacco harm reduction strategy, contact us at Stinky Canuck and we can get you started.


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