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With All Due Speed | Health Canada Reacts to Youth Vaping ‘Epidemic’

Teen vaping in Canada Youth vaping in Canada

The story

If left unchecked, youth vaping poses an “existential threat” to the vaping industry in Canada. This is the warning James Van Loon, Director General of the Tobacco Control Directorate at Health Canada, gave to industry stakeholders when it became clear to the regulator that the crisis of youth vaping—unfolding in the United States—had spread to Canada. The concern is real and substantial.

Shot on location at Health Canada’s national headquarters, learn what the Director General thinks about the critical issues: youth vaping data; nicotine addiction; the media bias against vaping; relative risk statements; advertising & promotion; adult access; and much more.
What may be asked of the industry to stem the tide of youth vaping?
Find out, in Part-1 of this 2-part exclusive interview.
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