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What's Happening with Bill 45

On March 10th, 2016 the Ontario Government came out with a proposal that continues to stifle our ability to vape. The new changes proposed suggests the following; To restrict the use of vaporizers any where tobacco use is prohibited. That means you will not be able to vape in shops that sell vaporizers and liquid and you will no longer be able to test the e liquid while in store. There is a potential that products and accessories would have to be hidden. You may need to select the product without truly knowing you like...

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Academics Devise Surveillance System To Identify E-Cigarette SupportersI

E-cigarette advocates could find themselves being identified and watched via Twitter if a model from two academics at the University of Kentucky is implemented.

“A number of manufacturers, advocates and e-cig users are actively promoting e-cigs on Twitter,” the study’s declare ominously. To monitor this advocacy activity, the authors claim to have developed a highly accurate predictive model that can identify who they call e-cig “proponents” on Twitter.

“We used a set of manually curated key phrases to analyze e-cig proponent tweets from a corpus of over one million e-cig tweets along well known e-cig themes and compared the...

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Tired of that morning cough?

You're tired of that morning cough and the high price of cigarettes. You want to try  e-cigarettes. What would your first step be?

At Stinky Canuck, we recommend coming into our store at 255 Glen Miller Rd. Unit 15, Trenton Ontario or chatting with us on our Facebook page 

We can show you how to get started.

We recommend you purchase a starter kit and we will show you how to work and charge the devices in a safe manner. E-liquid and it's nicotine content are the ‘key’ to your success. Flavour is a personal preference and...

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