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Crowe Bay - 120ml

Crowe Bay - 120ml

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Crowe Bay

There is nothing as refreshing as a mouthful of juicy spearmint gum. The spearmint taste in this juice is 'spot on' to the mint gums of yesterday and takes you back to your youth where bubbles counted and time stood still. Take a trip back in time and experience it over and over again. This flavour leaves such an amazing after-taste in your mouth.  The inhale is a light cool backing up the light and airy spearmint bubblegum base. This flavour shines though on the exhale as the complex notes in this bubblegum flavour come together in the most magical of ways.  The only thing missing is the wad of gum in your mouth and bubble gum on your face.  


60/40 PG/VG Ratio

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