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Focusvape Pen Kit

Focusvape Pen Kit

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The Focusvape is a pen style unit that features a ceramic heating chamber, 6 pre-set temperature settings and airflow control. It’s great for users who want an easy to use dry-herb portable vaporizer.

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Requires one 18650 battery included. 1 hour battery life. Heat time 2 min.
See videos on how to use and how to clean here


1x18650 ion battery
cleaning brush
Packing tool
USB cable

* Manufacturer 

* Battery 
18650 (Removable) 

* Battery Life 
1 hour 

* Heat time 
2 minutes 

* Heat style 

* Temperature 
Pre-set temperatures 160C, 170C, 180C, 190C, 200C, 220C 

* Compatibility 

* Warranty 
1 year with TVape 

* Versions 
01/2018 (Current) 

* Materials 
Faux Leather Exterior
* Ceramic Chamber
* Glass Mouthpiece

* Key Features 
Easy to Use
* 6 Temperature Settings 

1 year warranty. Customer contacts toronto vaporizer & must have invoice 1.855.234.8273

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