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LITL 1 Vaporizer

LITL 1 Vaporizer

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The LITL1 vaporizer has 1 temperature setting and a super affordable price point. This unit isn’t looking to break the mold but rather act as a stepping stone for those who want to try vaping herbs with little commitment from their wallet or as a backup vaporizer for people who would rather leave their more expensive vape at home.

The LITL 1 is pretty much as straightforward as you can get. Remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with your herbs. Replace the mouthpiece and press the power button to turn the device on and it will automatically begin to heat.

The light on the unit will turn solid once the device has reached temperature, which takes about 45 seconds and the LITL 1 will vibrate to let you know its ready.

Now simply take slow smooth draws from the mouthpiece. There is airflow control on the bottom which can be swiveled to increase or decrease airflow.

The LITL 1 only has one temperature setting, which is set at 215 degrees Celsius. For the price of the unit, it is understandable why the company opted for a single temperature setting.

With the temperature setting on the higher end of the spectrum, it’s sure to provide satisfying vapor and better extraction for your flower. If you are looking for a starter vape with a bit more flexibility check out the Utillian 420

For the price, the LITL 1 gets the job done. With its one heat setting, it produces some nice clouds and the glass mouthpiece helps preserve the flavor of your herbs.

Don’t expect to be chucking clouds and you won’t walk away disappointed. The LITL 1 does a satisfactory job given the price point and will serve as a great introductory to vaping or act well as a backup device.

Honestly, we are pretty impressed with what the LITL 1 offers especially with how much it costs. Somehow, they were able to offer a glass mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber, haptic feedback and an 850mah battery in a super tiny chassis and keep the price point just as small.

The unit is backed by a 3-month hassle-free warranty, which is generous given how cheap the unit is and should put any one’s mind at ease who is looking to get this unit as their first.

The LITL 1 comes with an 850mah internal battery which will last most users 2 – 3 sessions. It’s not the biggest battery on the market, but for the size and cost of the unit, we couldn’t really ask for much more.

It is certainly more than enough for a quick couple of sessions while you are out and is charged via USB so its easy to top up. 

The LITL 1 is uber portable, weighing a mere 73 grams it will all but disappear in your pocket, making it a perfect companion for day trips or a night out.

One button operation and a single temperature, it doesn’t get any more full proof than this. No fancy bells or whistles, just simple, no hassle vapor.

The LITL 1 can easily disappear in your hand or be quickly pocketed if ever the occasion arises to make it super discreet. In fact, it’s so small it can be stowed away almost anywhere. And the design of the unit will have most people thinking you are using a new tiny e-liquid vape.

If you are curious about making the switch to vaping your flower but aren’t sure where to start and don’t want to make a massive commitment, the LITL 1 is a great stepping stone.

It will give users a good grasp of what vaporizing is all about without breaking the bank. And even seasoned vets will find value in the LITL 1 as it makes a solid backup vaporizer to take with you on a trip when you don’t want to worry about losing your daily driver.

This unit really is geared towards beginners with its simple and seamless operation. Check out the video below.

1 x LITL1 Vaporizer
1 x USB charge cable

90 day hassle free warranty = Customer deals with warranty issues directly through Toronto Vaporizer

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