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NixT Ultra Odor Eliminator

NixT Ultra Odor Eliminator

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This high-tech odor remover has won praise from all NixT early testers – and now it’s your turn to try it. Get rid of that skunk smell – or any unpleasant odor – with just a spray or two. NixT™ Ultra will clear the air, reclaim your car and refresh your clothes. The  4-oz. bottle delivers 800 sprays. If you don’t agree NixT is the best odor eliminator around, just give them a holler. They stand behind their spray.

NOTE: This is exactly the same as NixT 420 Spray. This is just  a different label to make it discreet for you.

When we say gets rid of,  we're not talking about masking the smell, but rather that it eliminates it completely. Spray it in the air, on your clothes etc. and voila, you're good to go. Just like it never existed.

The NixT Corporation has created several advanced organic odor eliminators that destroy any scent molecules with a single spray. Developed by one of the US' top formulators, it is state-of-the-art odor elimination technology that actually destroys a wide spectrum of odor molecules on contact. Free of masking agents and heavy fragrances, it clears the air and Protects Your Privacy. If you have an odor issue and you have never been able to find a solution for, you seriously need to try NixT.

One 4-oz. bottle provides approximately 800 applications. Yes, it is nontoxic and safe for you and your pets. NixT, is the Cadillac of odor eliminators. We challenge you to try it and see for yourself.

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