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VaporShark DNA 30

VaporShark DNA 30

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The Vaporshark DNA 30W Mod Features include:
30 Watts of Power
More power than most will ever need, but it's there if you want it. 
1300mah LiPo Battery (PLEASE NOTE: Box states 1200mah. VAPORSHARK new packaging was not delivered to them in time for this new 1300 mah unit. This information can be confirmed with VAPORSHARK) 
This should get most users through the day.  If not, top off as needed with Micro USB. This unit is amazing! The size is extremely comfortable in the  hands (ladies this could be the unit for you) and perfect for the guys when they want to stealth vape or have something smaller available. We've been using this little unit ourselves and at 10watts we're getting 12+ hrs of use per day. You'll get less at higher wattage of course. This is a Stinky fave!!  
Gold Plated Spring-loaded Center Pin
Automatically adjusts to any atomizer. 
Button Lock
Lock your button settings.
Stealth Mode     
Screen off when you need to be discrete.

Disclaimer: If you experience any leaking from your atomizer, make sure to check and clean any E-Liquid that may have leaked into the 510 connector.

Disclaimer: Advanced products are for experienced vape enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of how electronic devices work along with access to the appropriate safety tools. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the atomizer, device, or yourself. Double check battery polarity position before installing/reinstalling your 18650 to avoid damage to your device

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