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Beaver Drops - 30ml

Beaver Drops - 30ml

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A touch of cinnamon, a sprinkle of icing sugar and a dollop of caramel.

A review: 

"There is no e-juice out there right now that defines us as Canadians more than ‘Beaver Drops’ by Stinky Canuck.

I’ve had the real pastry as a little girl on holiday in PEI and skated the full length of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa to earn one, as is a tradition in our Country. We are Canadians!

I firstly tasted the liquid on the end of my finger expecting to taste cinnamon as that’s just a taste that is really hard to hide in a vape and it was there but oh, so faint.

Immediately, I had flash backs to my childhood where I could taste the sweet sugary cinnamon that is sprinkled on the pastry right out of the fryer and I just smiled. Who doesn’t remember that?

Behind the light and sweet taste of cinnamon and sugary goodness, sits a base of a slightly sweet caramel but it’s not so sweet that it sits alone. There is a balance here between all of the flavors combined and this should be in everyone’s basket for a winter vape that will surely make you proud to be Canadian."

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