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Frigid Rose - 30ml

Frigid Rose - 30ml

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 Frigid rose is a great combination of peppermint, honey tobacco and a hint of rose.

The slight taste of the natural honey in the tobacco combines with the fresh peppermint taste and the mixture is a sweeter peppermint than what you’d normally see in an e-liquid and a pleasant surprise at that.

For those of you that like tobaccos, this is a must try. The tobacco flavour is light and airy and not at all dense. The honey creates a smooth inhale and the taste of tobacco is there but hidden almost by the sweetness of the peppermint although you can still taste it hidden in the back, on the exhale. The rose is ever so slight.

The peppermint is the star of this show, playing nicely with the rose but not overpowering it in anyway at all.

Frigid Rose is an interesting vape for anyone looking for a different slant on peppermint, rose or even for those who like a tobacco.

An all-around great taste. 

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