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Sysmax I4 Intellicharge Battery Charger (NiteCore)

Sysmax I4 Intellicharge Battery Charger (NiteCore)

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The intellicharge i4 is a universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The i2 is able to automatically identify Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and apply an appropriate charging mode (Constant Charge Current(CC), Constant Charge Voltage(CV) and Trickle Charge). Each of the i4's four microcomputer-controlled charing slots is capable of monitoring and charging batteries independently. Additionally, yellow and blue power/charging status indicator lights could visibly indcate battery status and charging process. i2: The all-new highly advacned smart charger. It's as simple as insert, detect and charge.

* Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously;
* Each battery slot monitors and charges independently;
* Automatically identifies Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries;
* Features three charging modes. (CC, CV and Trickle Charge);
* Automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode;
* 3 Color LED displays charging propress for each battery;
* Automatically stops charging when complete;
* Features reverse polarity protection;
* Designed for optimal heat dissipation;
* Certified by both RoHS and CE.

Input Voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz or DC 12V;
Output Voltage(MAX): 4.2V +/- 1% or 1.48v +/- 1%;
Dimension: 165mm *135mm * 51mm;
Weight: 230g/315g(V) (without batteries and power cord);

Compatible With:
Li-ion Battery: 26650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16340 (RCR 123), 18350,14500, 10440 Batteries;
Ni-MH/Ni-CD Battery: AA, AAA, A, SC, C Batteries.

The following guidelines should be strictly followed with regard to your batteries:

1. Only recharge these devices with the intended charging cable or adapter. Using chargers with incorrect voltage or current can cause a fire or catastrophic failure.
2. Never leave a charging battery unattended.
3. Never charge a battery overnight while you sleep.
4. Never leave a battery on your charger longer than necessary. When it is full, unplug your charger and remove the battery. Leaving a battery on charge when it is full will degrade its performance and may result in a fire.


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