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Wooden Drip Tips by Electric Bumblebee

Wooden Drip Tips by Electric Bumblebee

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Handcrafted by the Electric Bumblebee himself! For the Smok TFV8
The Electric bumblebee is a self proclaimed 'cool guy woodworker', who takes slaughtered tree corpses and turns them into beautiful (and practical) works of art right here in Canada. 

The Electricbumblebee himself says: 

All drip tips are made from exotic woods from all around the world.
I like using the exotic woods because they look great and are extremely durble due to the nature of how the trees grow. Every tip is made by hand, there is no automation or CNCing what so ever in my workshopand because every piece of wood is different, no two tips will ever be the same. They are coated first in oil, which adds strength, followed by several layers of acrylic. This ensures that they are durable, and prevent any juice from abosoring into the wood, which keeps away any 'woody' taste.


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