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The Extreme Q is Arizer’s heavy hitter. It features a whip and balloon option, precise temperature control, and glass on glass vaporization to produce some of the best quality vapor on the market.

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You are looking for a versatile desktop vaporizer that has full temperature control and has the option of either balloons or a whip. The Arizer Extreme Q is as affordable as it is flexible, allowing users to enjoy desktop style vapor without the steep price tag.

Powerful Ceramic Heater

The Arizer Extreme Q is powered by a substantial ceramic heater which is used to produce the hot air that bakes your herbs and heats the glassware. With a maximum temperature of 260 degrees celsius the ceramic heater gives you tons of power to cook your dry herbs. We do not recommend operating it at its highest temperature as it could lead to combustion of your herbs.

Digital Display & Precise Temperature Control

The Extreme Q allows for precise temperature control via the digital display and corresponding buttons. Temperature on the Extreme Q can be set anywhere between 50° C – 260° C (122° F – 500° F) which gives users with a very wide range for vaporizing dry herbs. For best performance it is recommended to set the Extreme Q around 180 - 220°C.

Glass on Glass Heating Chamber

The Cyclone Bowl and Elbow Adapter on the Arizer Extreme Q are constructed from glass to help preserve the flavor of your vapor. Glass components tend to be easier to clean than other materials and usually come clean from a simple soak in a cleaning solution.

Balloon & Whip Options

The Extreme Q offers users some choice when it comes to how they can enjoy their vapor. The EQ allows for both whip and balloon options which are easily swappable thanks to the glass on glass construction. The Extreme Q can inflate a bag with vapor in about 2 minutes. If you don’t have time to wait put the whip attachment on to enjoy a simple single user session.

3 Year Limited Warranty Through TVape

The Extreme Q comes with a 3 year limited warranty through Tvape. This does not cover physical damage or natural degradation of performance. If something should happen to your Extreme Q do not hesitate to contact TVape. They will be happy to help. Please retain your purchase receipt for any warranty issues.

Feature Packed:

  • 2 - 3 minute Heat up
  • Holds up to .5 grams of herb
  • Balloon Attachment
  • Whip Attachment
  • Remote Control

    Technical Specs
    • Manufacturer Arizer
    • Origins Canada
    • Heat time 2 - 4 minutes
    • Heating Style Convection
    • Temperature Max temperature 260C
    • Options Whip & balloon
    • Compatibility Herbs
    • Reach 1 – 3 people
    • Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty with TVAPE
    • Materials Ceramic heating element,Glass vapor path,
    • Key Features Balloon and whip options,Quiet Fan ,

WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health CanadaWARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada