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Now with 3 locations to serve you

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Now with 3 locations to serve you!

Your one-stop Canada vape shop for e-cigarettes, e-Liquid and vaporizers.  Fully stocked electronic cigarette & accessory stores in Trenton Ontario, Napanee Ontario and Picton Ontario. 

 Offering genuine Smok, Geekvape, Joyetech, Freemax, iJoy and Innokin products as well as many more plus assorted clearomizers, batteries, our own e-liquid and accessories.
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FOR ALL WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES REGARDING STINKY CANUCK E-LIQUID PLEASE CONTACT US HERE                                                                                                                

Please note that orders placed after 3PM during business hours will ship next business day. We are closed on all Statutory holidays.
Online and in store we accept:

Stinky Canuck:   We are your one stop shop for everything vape related!

Thank you for making Stinky Canuck your number one vape shop in Canada for e-cig mods, electronic cigarettes, premium e-juice, and more! We have 3 locations to serve you. Visit us at Stinky Canuck Vape Shop Trenton Ontario, Stinky Canuck Vape shop Napanee Ontario or Stinky Canuck Vape Shop Picton Ontario. We’ve helped thousands of vapers throughout Canada by giving you a shopping experience you will appreciate as well as some of the finest customer service in the industry. Customer service and handling orders is our specialty. Our goal is to bring an assortment of vaping products, accessories, and e-juices to ensure you will be a returning customer.

Authentic Vaporizer Providers

Stinky Canuck carries authentic Innokin, Sigelei, Vision, Eleaf, Smok, Aspire, Wismec, Kanger and many more. We offer our own Stinky Canuck premium e-liquid as well as our premium Trent Severn Vape Co line. Stinky Canuck also offers Juice Punk, Illusions, Wild Predator, Great Canadian Fog, and many more ejuices.

First-Class E-Liquid Vapour Manufacturer

At Stinky Canuck, our premium e-liquid is made in Canada with the documentation to prove it. We test our eliquid through Enthalpy labs in the United States.

Tips for Buying E-Cigarettes with Stinky Canuck

E-cigarettes have become hugely popular as the smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you are new to the world of e-cigarettes, how will you know what to buy? They come in a variety of delivery mechanisms, flavours, and strengths that can be overwhelming to first-timers. Here are a few tips from us that will make your experience a bit easier:

Buy electronic cigarettes from a reputable vendor. While there are millions of perfectly trustworthy markets, corner stores, and grocery chains across the nation who are now supplying e-cigarettes, these retailers are normally not conversant about the manufacturers and distributors that supply them with their e-cigarettes. It makes more sense to work with an experienced supplier who has a deep knowledge of electronic cigarettes.  That’s why we are your very best resource for your e-cigarette needs in Quinte, Trenton, Belleville, Napanee and Picton Ontario.
Do your research. Once you start considering the vast selection of brands and types of e-cigs available for purchase, you’ll realize that keeping up with this quickly-expanding market takes more than time. It also requires a certain expertise to accurately compare the products being offered. Since there are countless varieties of disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes on the market, the quality can vary greatly between different providers. For example, some disposable e-cigs are notorious for their short battery life & cannot be relied upon to deliver the same nicotine strength or flavour. One way to avoid a lot of trial-and-error is to work with experts like us. We can help you find the best e-cig for you while saving you a great amount of time, money, and frustration.
Buy Canadian e-cigarette liquids. Rechargeable e-cigarettes require refilling with e-liquid or e-juice. When it comes to electronic e-liquids, it is always best to buy from a high-quality Canadian manufacturer like Stinky Canuck. Once again, we are here to help!

If you want the best brands, supplies, and accessories, check out the huge selection of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids offered by Stinky Canuck!

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